Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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Going to Zanzibar!

Hard to believe that 8 months have gone by....you spend a month in Ottawa with two strangers and then are thrown on a plane (or four) to a dot on a map that you had not even heard of before.  The expectation that you will become built-in colleagues, housemates, friends, and support is a lofty goal.  But somehow, I won the lottery and was sent to Pemba with Riaz and Ashlea, two people that started out as "the other Fellows", but became my little family.

That time in Montepuez...

People come and go in Pemba; we all know the plane schedules, goodbye parties are a frequent social event, and introductions always include the question of "so, how long are you here for?".  I do not know if this is something my emotions could handle for a long time and now with Ashlea and Riaz returning to Canada, I am wondering how Pemba will change without them here.  From the first night at Pemba Dolphin where we were a lot paler, unaware of the capulana phenomenon, and wondering "where are we?" to the many stories (memorable, bizarre, and some inappropriate for this blog) that come from spending almost all day everyday with two people.  People who understand why you may want to scream about how happy you are to be here and also when you want to jump on the first plane out of Pemba.  
Ringing in 2013 at Kendwa Rocks, Zanzibar

The last few days of airport runs to send Ashlea and Riaz on their ways have been filled with tears as I become the last one standing out of the Fellowship.  But the world is small; Riaz still owes me a capulana dress with a superpower cape and Ashlea cannot live without my bean and vegetable Rajah surprise.  So, I am not worried I will not see them again because I know they were my partners in Pemba magic.  
First time on Ibo Island

Happy Birthday Senhor Riaz!

Serious nature lovers
A night at Wilson's

Bush babies in Niassa

Team M&E

Ladies of the Bush
Merry Christmas!

Team Pemba

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